Creating a Successful Website for your Clinic

In today’s’ society, having a website for your clinic or practice is essentially a must-have. But, there’s a difference between just having a site and employing a successful site. If you are going to devote the resources and time on a website for your clinic, which you need to, you ought to take advantage of it. With an ineffective site could be worse than having no site at all as it could turn off potential customers sufficient to make them search elsewhere. This guide can be applied for use in a variety of clinics such as laser skin clinic or physiotherapy clinic.

Clinic Domain Name

The very first step in achieving a successful clinic site is your domain name. This is the title that people enter in their browser so as to attain your website; e.g. ‘’. Additionally, this is the title that you set on your printed and digital advertising materials. On a side note look for flyer printing Melbourne and business card printing Melbourne services that can assist you with printed material. This title can also be one of the principal things used by search engines so as to ascertain how and if your website needs to appear in search results. This title is, therefore, quite significant.

Picking a fantastic domain name to your practice might not be simple. An effective domain falls a nice balance between being as descriptive as you can while still being fairly brief and memorable. If possible you might wish to think about adding some keywords in the domain which are particularly crucial to your practice. Search engines provide a substantial quantity of weight to domain names with ma

tching keywords when ranking search results. Should you focus in a certain field such as laser dermatology you might choose to incorporate that into your own domain name.

Another factor to think about including on your domain name is the place. There’s a strong probability that you’re mostly meant to assist men and women in your town or city locate your clinic. These folks will probably be looking for neighbourhood practices and will, therefore, incorporate the place in their own searches.

The Physical Therapy Clinic Website Itself

The homepage of your website is usually the main page on your website. It needs to be attractive and professional looking and have a user-friendly navigation system which permits individuals to quickly find what they’re searching for. Your home page needs to have your place, contact number, and email address prominently shown. This is a vital thing that’s left out amazingly frequently. The advice is often only available on a ‘Contact Us’ page but should be prominent on all pages of your website.

You might even wish to think about using a map into your practice directly on your house page. I suggest having a Google Map or comparable interactive map which users can utilize to have instructions with. These are absolutely free to use and are extremely capable of helping customers reach your door.


Keywords and Search Engine Optimisation

Make sure you have text on the front page which explains what your practice does and what’s unique about your practice. Also, mention the place including the city. It can not be emphasised enough that this ought to be in text instead of only an image which has the info on it. Search engines do not index info on pictures so, in order to appear if people are looking for a practice in your area, you have to get this in real text.


Additionally, it can not be emphasized enough that your main aim is to your practice to appear in search engines when people search for your keywords (probably ‘physical therapy’) to your own location. Your prospective customers probably are not those looking for physical therapy services in different towns or even other parts of the city. Concentrate on where you are and your crucial services when making the backup for your internet website.

Navigation and Construction

The navigation in your pages needs to be easy, notable and user-friendly. The navigation ought to be replicated on all pages of your website. The navigation must be in text. Your Website should include at least the following subpages:

  • Services: your customers and potential customers should be able to quickly find out what your practice provides, including a listing of services and a brief description of each. You can have sections on your pages such as primary services of physiotherapy and then additional services such as medical equipment sales or health equipment rental for temporary use.
  • Staff: have a listing of your team with a premium excellent picture that helps your prospective clients relate to a practice and its employees on an individual level every team member needs to have a bio with their interests or interests, again focusing on keywords.
  • Location: might be combined with Contact Us, contain an interactive map like in Google Maps (e.g. so people can get instructions), Might Want to add hours of operation
    Might want to include transit or parking data
  • Contact Us: incorporate an email form to create contacting your practice as easy as you can
    Prevent displaying your email address in plain text because automatic email harvesters trolling the net can detect it and your speech is going to end up on spam lists
    along with this email form also record any telephone numbers and mailing addresses

The above-mentioned pages must exist on your practice site in order for it to work. The names you provide these segments (apart from disclaimer and privacy policy) could vary but the idea of each should stay. There are numerous different pages you can increase your website but do not overlook these crucial pages and do not include extra pages which only serve to muddy the potency of the remainder of your website. If it does not have a very clear purpose, do not include it.

You might also wish to get pages about the terms which are treated in your facility. If you do that, make certain you have reasonably distinctive content which you include keywords associated with your own location.

Social Media Integrations

In case you’ve got sufficient time and tools, you might wish to think about integrating social networking into your website. This may be as straightforward as incorporating sharing buttons onto your website to encourage folks to share links to your website. By way of instance, you might choose to produce a Twitter accounts for occasionally tweeting out events and news linked to your practice. In your website, you’d then wish a clear link to make it simple for your customers to trace your Twitter accounts. Another frequent social networking integration is that a Facebook Company Page. Having such a webpage will expose your practice to more individuals and offer yet another forum for you to interact with your customers and possible customers. Be aware that the appropriate integration of social networking to your website and your practice demands both time and energy.

You might also need to think about adding a blog to your website in order to keep customers and website visitors engaged and current. But a website also needs a lot of resources and time to be made rewarding. Ensure that you are ready to make that commitment before going ahead with you.

Creating a successful website for your clinic is crucial to remain competitive in the modern market. You need to make certain you devote the resources required to perform it correctly. This guide has introduced a lot of the significant elements for making sure that your website is successful for your company but it only touches the surface on the majority of the topics introduced. When the time comes to make your practice’s existence on the internet be sure that you understand these notions or your website programmer understands them.

Creating an Online Business Forum

One of the great things about the growing entrepreneur community is the passion and need to share the ups and downs of starting and running a business. This is one reason why forums are essential. The vitality of the forum members coming together to share information gives a forum its character. Let’s explore the most effective ways for increase user engagement, watch as your online community grows and maintain a dynamic and vivid virtual community.

How to Create an Excellent Forum Website

Define Your Focus: The main motivation to create your own forum would be to build a community around a shared interest. Think about what topic or theme that could bring your community together. Who are the people you wish join your forum, is it business management specialists or marketing consultants? Your forum will provide this community with a space to exchange ideas compare experiences and also enjoy a conversation with people who share a common interest. Whatever unites them together will be the core of your online forum.


Don’t Over-Thread: Be careful not to set up too many discussion threads since this could overwhelm visitors. Having multiple discussion threads with diverse focal points is great but too many topics may also lead threads with only very little conversation going on in them. It’s better to reduce the choices and keep a lively discussion going on, instead of creating a thread about small business coach training, create a thread on business coaching.


Make It Beautiful: Do not forget to make the design of your forum appealing to the eye. Appearance is still important.  Members will feel more comfortable on a forum with a great design.


Keep Members Engaged: Since forums thrive on discussions, one of the biggest challenges of a forum admin is how to encourage participation of high quality advisors. One great technique to keep them engaged is to update members on new posts, replies and likes through email marketing notifications.


Be a Present Admin: One of the main responsibilities of a forum administrator is to moderate posts and keep the forum going and interesting. Builds a sense of community among your site visitors by being pro-active, answer questions, start a conversation and encourage your community members to participate. Create action plans to keep members engaged, like starting a poll or reviewing events that are relevant to your community.


Promote Your Forum Regularly: Don’t just sit around and wait for new members to join. It’s advantageous to promote the forum on outside platforms to bring in new members. Utilize your social media profiles to highlight specific threads, and get your most active members and moderators help. If you run a newsletter, use your newsletter lists to invite new members. You can also swap links with other forum admins so that they can also promote your forum while you promote theirs as well.


Stay Informed: As an admin, you need to show your knowledge to other forum members whenever possible. Knowledge is power. You can demonstrate your experience with the discussion topic or forum by providing helpful information and knowledge to other community members. You need to be updated with the latest news, technology, coaching for business developments and even gossip. These will help you in adding great content information and keep your online community engaged.

11 Best CMS for Artist Websites

Ensure that your work is presented to its best potential quality with these 11 really beneficial portfolio creation sites, chosen by users.

If you are an artist or designer, the World Wide Web is a vital place to display your work, offering a wide-ranging audience from prospective customers to friends to partners to utilize. Your portfolio reflects you and your job so it has to be just right, and easily accessible by everybody.

Luckily, there is no need to bang out — or gradually, stutteringly trudge outlines of code anymore. The below websites make it simple. Though if you are a coding whizz who wishes to dive deep in computer-speak, there are loads of websites for you too, like building craft sites.

A well-presented portfolio is vital if you are trying to get by in a visual business. We notice annually when it is a graduate season, just how easy it is to overlook job or recognition opportunities when you’ve got no website to follow up with after meeting someone in person.

Whether your portfolio-hosting website is an expansive social network or a more exclusive setting, it has to be just as stylish as your job to draw the attention you deserve.

After the newest upgrade of portfolio builder Cargo, we rounded up the best portfolio websites for artists and designers to showcase their work other than in a glass showcase.




More than simply being a go-to portfolio website for designers and artists – from animators to photographers, and everything in between – Behance is a really busy social network with job postings, remarks, the chance to follow artists gets you ‘enjoy’ on your job and even be a part of galleries.

Obviously, we have scrolled for miles on Behance. And so will many potential customers and collaborators.

It is ridiculously easy to register and upload your endeavours, and using a Behance is an essential for any new talent wanting to get noticed.


Adobe Portfolio


Behance Guru has made way for Adobe Portfolio, a platform where you can efficiently build a fully responsive website to showcase your creative work.

Everything is simple: pick a design, customise it — including your own domain name and Typekit’s library of fonts — and then sync with Behance. If you’re trying to create a complicated, highly personalized, this is not it. However, it does its assigned task nicely. Your website will automatically be optimized for any device, and you can use your own domain name, in addition, to having access to Lightroom photos and photography grids.

Additionally, using the pricier version, you have the whole selection of Adobe creative programs — from Photoshop to Illustrator. In the end, there are advantages to signing up with giant corporates.

Adobe Portfolio is free with Creative Cloud, together with access to the complete Typekit font library.




Wix is evolving and innovative, and we saw many new grads this year choosing it to get their own portfolios.

Wix has just introduced Wix Code, which basically gives complete creative and development control over to the person or business.

Wix Code will make creating standalone web apps easier for developers, painters, and photographers that are seeking to make an app tailored for their business requirements. Using JavaScript, it offers both front-end layout and backend functionality hosted in Wix Cloud, in addition to advanced features which were previously only available with custom style.

Wix Code supplies an integrated database and support for SEO, chance to customise data without having HTML or CSS — with the notion that attention can be spent in design templates and development rather.

Non-developers are able to benefit from databases, data-bound UI components and end-user custom forms and input controls with a simple drag-and-drop technique.

Wix is free, but premium programs provide more bandwidth, storage, no ads and much more. Although it caters to anyone who wishes to construct a website (which is pretty much everybody), it retains designers in mind as a target market.



Although new to the scene, Fabrik was created specifically for creatives to showcase their very best work, from display showcases to web pages,  it has been curated from London’s design and film businesses, so we know it will do what artists’ want.

In its early phases, it created portfolio websites for production companies like Absolute Academy and Post and has since brought tens of thousands of jobs by designers, illustrators, studios, and filmmakers.

With Fabrik, you can select from over 9000 possible design combinations across different topics (and you can change these as frequently as you wish without affecting your job). The themes are tailored to different careers, so topics for designers by way of the instance will differ to illustrators.



Squarespace is famous for its beautiful templates which will help to get you started using a more professional aesthetic to Behance or Adobe Portfolio.

In addition to giving you the resources to create a site, with Squarespace you can monitor your audience and develop your social networking after.

Together with the responsive, sleek templates, the collection of free Typekit fonts and a curated set of Google fonts mean that there’s an enormous choice of fonts. Find out more about its features.

Squarespace offers both a private plan and a more expensive version for companies. Even though it’s slightly pricier than its rivals, it is geared more towards experts and is incredibly polished.




Designed specifically for creatives, Portfoliobox is nicely set up for galleries, blogs, e-commerce, gorgeous profiles and much more. It’s not difficult to navigate for those focusing on the visuals and has some truly beautiful portfolios to prove it.

Create and edit any kind of articles with no coding required, and a free domain name is included. Design your own templates and design and include free web hosting. Portfoliobox has no general theme that limits your layout — create as many pages of any kind as you require.




Cargo is easy, powerful and shows off some truly terrific work — and it is recently upgraded with all new features.

Creating a website with Cargo 2 allows for a group of web pages, which may be edited or written just like writing an email or working on Google Docs. This makes it a good deal easier to drag and drop files in. Additionally, there are design tabs to your site’s universal layout settings and for each page. You could also try out a choice of premium typography from Webtype, Type Network and Google Fonts, new internal linking attributes and backdrops.

Because of the application process to obtain an account, its associates’ work is high quality and there’s a terrific community attached. Using its discreet, swish templates, you work will look much better on its own website. Unfortunately, however, portfolio customization is limited.

Implementing and signing up to a Cargo account provides you with a free basic service, which provides 12 jobs and 3 pages. Unless you operate a dainty portfolio, you will soon need to upgrade for unlimited pages and projects.




Format has dynamic, superbly responsive topics (particularly with a cellphone). Format has a broad selection of pricing plans from private (100 pictures) all the way up to infinite (which, unsurprisingly, provides unlimited pictures — and custom HTML & CSS editing).

The format is excellent for the code-fluent and code-averse alike, with the choice to personalise web design or use built-in tools to modify your page. Additionally, it syncs beautifully with Adobe Lightroom via a plug-in.




Carbonmade’s website might not be the sleekest or aesthetically pleasing at first website, but we were thoroughly impressed with their beautiful topics. As they explain it, “our stunning themes are so nice you will believe they’re Canadian.

Being a part of Carbonmade seems a good deal of fun. Created for designers, Carbonmade advantage comes from being tailored instead of a general website-building platform — with featured artist illustrations, in addition to gorgeous visual-based themes.




Moonfruit has some pretty trendy, trendy and flexible template designs. Its blank canvas editor leaves room for imagination, but also space for bothersome misalignments — that blank canvas editors on competitions such as Wix do not suffer from.

Moonfruit provides everything from Google fonts to desktop animated effects and SEO-focused analytics. Endorsed by The Telegraph and The Guardian among others, Moonfruit boasts to be a fast way to make a gorgeous website.




Dribbble is a first and foremost a layout community in which all sorts of creative types discuss their work. It’s a wonderful place to research, learn and, of course, show off. The format is ‘shots’ — little screenshots of designs — so you may want another major portfolio site in addition to Dribbble.

But Dribbble is an amazing side-portfolio to create relations, see others’ work and learn. In addition to Behance, Dribbble is among the best places for inspiration online.

If you sign up to the expert program, you can chat more to designers, locate designers for hire and arrange your favorite designers in a listing.

Leverage Employee Behavior with Tech

Nathan Reynolds, director of sales at ANZ bank, sheds some light on using technology in businesses for human resources and how it can leverage workers’ analytical data to make data-driven conclusions and even enhance worker productivity.

How is performance management evolving with the guidance of human capital management (HCM) technologies?


In today’s world of work, an optimal employee experience is grounded in regular and meaningful communication. This underlying fact impacts performance management talks also.


Annual reviews requesting supervisors to condense a year’s worth of achievements into a couple paragraphs discourages meaningful conversations and harms the connection between employer and employee. For starters, bias and the cover packages tend to reveal more about the reviewer than the person being examined — a lenient manager will give better reviews, whatever the operation of the individual worker, and a rigorous manager will provide worse reviews, independent of how their worker really performs. Furthermore, annual reviews generally get a bell curve while actual performance does not follow this pattern, this is really one of those corporate programs that are becoming phased out with traditional business practice and replaced with meaningful modern day employee reviews.


Consequently, many companies, including ANZ, opt for and are advised in small business coach training sessions to embrace a much more regular and developmentally focused approach to performance development, implementing the functionality of cloud based HCM technology to help alleviate the tensions brought on by conventional performance reviews.


What HCM technology allows for is the ability for employees to participate in their development every day, using exactly the same system they receive their pay through, to see their programs and perform other common processes, allowing them to get their digital content all in the same place.


Moreover, through HCM technology, companies may equip their people leaders with resources like a predetermined content plan, which prescribes how to provide feedback based on the unique strengths of the group members. This personalised training frees the capability to tailor conversations, ensuring that the message is understood and acted upon.


With employees frequently talking to their leaders on a range of performance topics, they continue to feel valued and develop a better understanding of the opportunities unique to them.

How can HR leverage worker analytics to make data-driven decisions and increase the worker experience?


More HCM tech companies are adding predictive analytical solutions for their software mix allowing for insight into the likelihood of a worker leaving, their performance potential and their overall level of involvement — advice that could help business leaders make better decisions.


Having said that, predictive analytics is very much based on real figures — using a combination of data mining, modelling, machine learning and artificial Intelligence to analyse existing information and make predictions about the future. Each version requires a target — be it flight risk, or advertising potential — and the HCM information of an organisation’s choosing (like compensation levels) to complete their predictive and algorithm likely outcome.

What does this mean for companies seeking to increase their employee experience?


With insights based on real data, business leaders become better equipped to have a proactive employee participation plan.


Knowing which employees are likely to leave and potential (correlated) motives for this likelihood, individuals leaders can start making changes to a worker’s Situation (compensation, training, etc) and influence a more favourable outcome for the worker and the organisation as a whole.

A Quick Guide on Software Testing

software testing,agile software testingPurposeful Testing

Software testing is carried out to confirm that the finished software package operates in accordance with the expectations defined by the requirements/specifications. The total goal is to not discover every software application bug that exists, but to discover circumstances that might adversely affect the consumer, use and/or maintainability of your mortgage broker websites.

From the module level to the application level, this short article specifies the various kinds of testing. Relying on the function for screening and the software application requirements/specs, a mix of screening approaches is used. Among the most ignored locations of screening is regression testing and fault tolerant testing.

Meaning of Testing Types

Functional Testing

Module screening validates that specific software application systems function as anticipated in accordance with the requirements utilizing a little subset of possible input specifications. At the application level, screening confirms that the whole application functions together in accordance with the requirements.

Example: Passing in real-life criteria along with legitimate however uncommon specifications.


Parametric Testing

At the module level, screening validates that specific software application system carries out as anticipated in accordance with the requirements for the complete variety of legitimate input criteria.

Example: Passing in each criterion at its minimum, optimum and median values, along with passing in criteria at the minimum and optimum worths at the same time.


Fault Tolerant Testing

Module screening confirms that a specific software application system does not carry out in a damaging or unanticipated way for unlawful or out-of-range input criteria. At the application level, screening confirms that the whole application functions together in a stylish way in accordance with the requirements when provided with unanticipated and/or out-of-range worths.

Example: Passing null guidelines and the complete variety of possible worths for each specification.


Integration/Combination Testing

Integration testing often refers to agile test management and is an extra action that is utilized when various sub-systems are being established all at once by independent designers. It validates that the specifications passed in between sub-systems are being dealt with properly.

Example: Passing null pointers and the complete series of possible worths for each specification.


Regression Testing

Regression screening is retesting sub-systems/modules/units to guarantee that adjustments to one sub-system/module/unit does not trigger unanticipated consequences in another sub-system/module/unit. This is likewise referred to as causal sequence screening.

Why is Regression Evaluating Necessary?

Regression screening is essential since sometimes adjustments in one part of the code cause unforeseen issues in a “completely un-associated” location of the code.

Example situation: A video driver was launched for the Diamond Stealth video board. Problems began to can be found in that HP InkJet drivers were crashing when doing a print preview. It was found that the print preview performance calls the video board’s typeface rasterizing functions to produce the print sneak preview.

A bug in the video boards font rasterizing function was triggering a memory fault when called by the HP print drive. This triggered the mistake to look like it remained in the printer driver and not the video driver.



Testing permits developers to provide software applications that fulfils expectations, avoids unforeseen outcomes, and enhances the long-term upkeep of the application, or in this case, website templates for mortgage brokers. Depending on the function of screening and the software application requirements, the suitable approaches need to be used. Where possible, testing can be automated (a subject for another discussion).

7 Automation Tips Digital Marketing Your Site

Automate or fade away

If you wish to leave your mark on this world as a blog writer, virtual business owner or online start-up– you must automate a huge portion of your digital marketing operations. Most things these days can be automated, and all that should be left is content writing. Since if you do not you’ll be left behind, and rapidly end up being unimportant.

Whether it’s as fundamental as pre-scheduling a couple of social network messages, or as complex as building a fully-fledged sales management system — automation is here to remain, and everybody is doing it. In fact, the variety of companies utilizing marketing automation has risen 11-fold in the last 5 years. The bright side is it’s not too late to change if you haven’t automated yet.

Regardless of this boost in marketing automation adoption amongst services, as much as 62% of business do not utilize sophisticated automation functions, and restrict themselves to standard e-mail marketing and client relationship management. While these businesses stagnate, marketing automation innovation continues to establish itself as an important digital marketing discipline that can give you a special competitive chance.

1. Recuperate deserted carts with Facebook Messenger

69% of shopping carts on eCommerce shops are deserted. To resolve this issue, marketing automation software application has typically sent out e-mail blasts to recuperate these lost sales. However, what if somebody is unresponsive over e-mail?

Now you can approach them by means of Facebook Messenger, by providing your prospective consumer a list of items they contributed to their shopping cart, and the chance to return to complete the sale.

2. Develop user-friendly consumer behavioral profiles

Conventional web analytics are based upon exactly what the user clicks– and today that technique is dated.


Due to the fact that now consumers can examine item information without even checking out an item page. For instance, some e-shops have all the important information noted on the item classification page. When your website designer builds your website that way, conventional click-based tracking will not inform you accurately about the material that visitor in fact viewed.

Nowadays you can utilize innovative tracking choices to see which items a consumer has viewed, including the length of time they have actually seen them, then utilize this info to develop complete behavioral profiles about the most engaging items for each individual. You can likewise see how far down an individual has scrolled on a page or whether they have viewed a particular form. This analysis enables you to show patterns in clients’ habits. For instance, clients who purchase item A, likewise see item B.

3.Gather leads with smart contact forms

reporting dashboard,automation,digital marketing,contact forms,e-forms,website automationWith marketing automation, you begin to gather substantial quantities of details about the visitors on your site regardless of whether it is their first time or they’ve had previous interaction.

Transforming these visitors utilizing standard contact forms can be a dragged out procedure. However, you can accelerate this procedure by utilizing a reporting dashboard that offers individualized list building types and landing pages which ask just for their e-mail address or contact number. In this case, you don’t have to request their interests since you currently understand them from this person’s site activity.

These tailored contact forms often produce 1000% greater conversions than normal contact forms.

.4 Utilize client information to show advertisements

Are you utilizing advertisement networks to show branding or remarketing? Well, everyone is doing that… However, with marketing automation you can considerably broaden the possibilities of advertisement networks by utilizing transactional information from your CRM system. Let’s suppose you still have not gotten a payment and the consumer does not react to your e-mails or calls. This may sound harsh however you can in fact utilize this info about past due payments to show advertisements on the Financial Times site. Likewise, for B2B sales procedures you can utilize advertisement networks as a supporting tool for your lead supporting projects.

5. Never ever request details you currently have

As soon as you have actually gotten contact information from your possible consumer, you should not  require them to send out the exact same info once again in contact forms or popups on your multi screen web design. Nevertheless, you can still provide contact forms– simply request for various differing information this time. Marketing automation can determine the user and develop the contact form in such a way that it requests info that’s not in the system. For instance, when the contact is kept track of and you have their e-mail address, the next type will just include package for a contact number and name to fill out.

6. Change discount rate levels based upon engagement

You can construct commitment programs that change the rates showed on your site, and in your e-mails, inning accordance with a consumers’ activity. To put it simply, various costs are shown to various consumers based upon the number of times they have actually seen an item, or the frequency with which they have actually bought. You can likewise send out extra discount rate codes to those who have not been engaged for a very long time to trigger them.

7. Recognize crucial item classifications through segmentation

Lots of online marketers utilize the segmentation method and include tags to a provided contact when they reveal an interest in an item classification. The issue is, consumers can interested in several different product categories on your site. Flat division, which informs you just the names of those classifications, will not ensure the very best deal targeting.

You can go deeper with this consumer segmentation and score each section basing upon how frequently a user searches items from a provided group. At the end of the day, your marketing automation can inform which classification is more pertinent to a provided recipient. It will assist you and prevent the trap of useless tagging within the custom web design; when one user has so many tags that you no longer understand which segment, classification would be most appropriate.

It’s beyond question that digital automation is continuously evolving. The opportunity is ready to be taken for those who are brave enough, those who don’t will find themselves part of the majority who follows and like most marketing practices it will be less effective by then. Adapt a new digital strategy that includes automation and you are sure to be ahead of the pack.


WordPress Ecommerce Theme Review Kallyas – Themeforest

If you choose WordPress for your small business website design then its very good decision. WordPress will increase your work 10 times faster and is perfect for e-commerce.

WordPress Ecommerce Theme Kallyas Review

This theme has the maximum feature that an ecommerce website needs. As this is WooCommerce optimized then this theme is the best choice for WordPress ecommerce website. If you want to know about a theme that the theme is good for your WordPress ecommerce based website then you should know some matters. First, try to know about the developer of that theme. Then, try to know about the theme like it’s rating or reviews or how many times that theme sold out etc. matters. Then try to know about the admin panel of that theme and then try to know some live demo of that theme. Then you decide that which theme is best for your WordPress eCommerce website design.

Important information about this theme:

• Theme is from Themeforest.
• Theme is featured on Themeforest themes.
• Developed by elite author on Themeforest.
• Theme cost $55.
• Sold out 9567 time.
• Support Board available.
• Important comments from purchaser and guests.
• Buyer rating is 4.53 based on 1186 ratings.
• Created on February 23, 2013.
• Last updated February 15, 2014.
• Compatible with IE8, Firefox, Safari, opera, Chrome.
• Latest WordPress 3.8 compatible.
• Documentation available.
• Layout – Responsive.
• Widget Ready theme.
• Facebook like 521, twitter follower 25, Google +1-20 times, pin it – 25 times for this theme.

Theme Features

• Customizable amazing page builder
• SEO – Well optimized
• WPML – Available
• Translation – Accessible
• Headers – unlimited
• Colors – Unlimited
• WooCommerce – Integrated
• Demo data- Dummy data available.
• Unlimited variation in homepage
• Versions – Dark and Light
• Slider – Huge modern slider
• Many custom pages
• Cleanness in design and code
• Super flexibility in this theme
• Complete featured theme like blog, ecommerce, corporate, technology, retail, entertainment and creative and many more.
• Powerful Admin panel with lots of options.
• Newsletter integrated like MailChimp
• Bonus Page header – Christmas and Easter
• Photo gallery available
• Dynamic contact form with PHP

Admin Panel Details

• General Option – Logo, favicon, font, WPML, Header, Footer, Default Header, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook Options are available.
• Blog option – Archive options (Blog Columns, Archive Page Title, Archive Page subtitle, Archive Sidebar Position, Archive Default Sidebar) and Single Blog Item Option (Default Sidebar Position, Single Post Default Sidebar, Show Social Share Button). These options are mainly for blog style settings
• Page Option – Page Sidebar Position, Page Default Sidebar, Enable Page Comments.
• Portfolio Options – Portfolio Archive Style, Portfolio Items to Show, Portfolio Items Per Page, Number of Columns.
• Layout Option – Responsive Options, Use Box Layout, Homepage Boxed layout, Content Size.
• Color Option – Main Color, Menu Default Color, Top Nav Default Color, Top Nav Hover Color, Content Background Color, Content Background Image, Grey Area Background Image, Grey Area Background Color, Color Style.
• Unlimited Headers – Header Style Generator (Header Style Name, Background Image, Header Background Color, Add Gradient Over Color, Animate Background, Add Glare effect, Bottom style.
• Unlimited Sidebars – Add new Sidebar.
• Coming Soon Option – Description, Launch Date, MailChimp List ID, Social Icon Title, Social Icon Link, Social Icon.
• 404 Page – Header Style.
• WooCommerce Options – General Options (Show MY CART in header, Show new items badge, Days to show badge), Categories Page (Days to show badge, Shop Archive Page Subtitle, Shop Archive Sidebar Position, Shop Archive Default Sidebar.
• Advanced – Themeforest Username, Themeforest API, and Custom CSS, Install Dummy Data.